Indoor Air pollution, a major health issue



caused by indoor air pollution
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(long term diseases, sick leave, ...)

higher pollution rates

Indoor air pollution is 5 to 8 times higher than outdoor pollution.

more sickness cases

Doubling of allergosis in the last 20 years

We spend more than 80% of our living time in closed spaces liable to high pollution rates.

According to the French Indoor Air Quality Observatory (OQAI), battle against indoor air pollution must be initiated in all fields. If individual accomodations are important, the time spent in office, commuting and other public buildings (creches, schools, museums, hospitals, etc...) is also important. The pollutants are abundant there without being noticed.
Chemical pollutants found inside closed spaces are numerous (up to 400 different species including formaldehyde, toluen, limonene, benzene, ...) and come from human activity (detergents, clothing, furniture, carpets, rugs, ...) or from the building (plasterboard, treated wood, paints, ...)

Potential long term health outcome :
• Rhinitis
• Respiratory Disease
• Cancer

short term health outcome :
• Eyes and throat rash
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Fatigue
• Headache
• Congestion

Pollutants can be of biological (virus, bacteria, molds et some allergens) or industrial (harmful chemical products, particles from combustion of vehicles or some heating processes) origin. Those pollutants cause chronic or acute infections, among which: rhinitis, headaches, conjunctivitis, multiple skin irritation, fatigue, cancer or cardiovascular events.
Breathing a bad quality air can have severe drawbacks for your health. :
intoxications, cancers, respiratory problems, allergy, asthma, headache, fatigue… The risks are even higher for fragile persons (kids, old people, sick people...). Conversely, good indoor air quality promotes well-being, it's never too late to change.

Chemistry and Pharmacy PhDs

A multi-disciplinary team and a scientific and medical board

The spectrum of pollutant is very large and each case is different. We will assist you in analysing your problem and offer the most suitable solutions to clean up your indoor environment.

Spectrum of pollutant is very large and each case is different. We will assist you in analysing your indoor environment and find suitable ways to obtain the best air.