AOP* Purification Cartridge

evO2, guaranteed efficiency for a whole year of continous use.

* AOP : Advanced Oxidation Process

A proven efficiency

Pollutants tested (benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, acetone) are completely mineralized, which means transformed into water and carbon dioxide.

CxHyOz + O2°- → CO2 + H2O
Airbone pathogen are very widely inactivated and thus no more pathogenic. Tests have been performed on numerous species of bacteria, viruses and fungi, responsible for respiratory diseases (influenza, pneumonia, etc...).

Link to research article
Gaüzère, C., Gorvel, L., Gorvel, J. P., Moulès, V., & Albalate, Innovative Germicidal UV and Photocatalytic System Dedicated to Aircraft Cabin Eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds and Pathogenic Micro‐Organisms.

Technical characteristics

  • evO2, its deeply studied design finds its place in all professional environments.
  • evO2, its PLUG &PLAY cartridge is the only professional indoor air treatment that offers annual maintenance for more tranquility. The electronic system indicates wear and tear of the lamp and warns the user or the maintenance department before the maximum duration of use, so that it can make arrangements for renewal of the cartridge.
  • evO2 has a colour touchscreen. This screen allows the user to choose its operating speed. It is also used to warn the user and alert it in case of faulty use (door improperly closed, fan or defective cartridge, etc...)
  • evO2 also has Bluetooth and WiFi/LoRa interface which allows you to manage the appliance remotely and facilitate its maintenance.
  • evO2 has a set of safety devices to warn the user of all malfunctions.
  • evO2 has received CE certification by the LNE.


evO2 , a whole team at your side

Chemistry and Pharmacy PhDs
A multidisciplinary scientific and medical committee

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