Atmospheric air pollution and SARS-COV-2 spreading

An Italian Medical and environmental association a just released an article were it notifies some correlation between COVID-19 spreading and atmospheric air pollution.

The environmental and medical italian society (SIMA) has just published a study in which a correlation between COVID-19 seriousness and particulate air pollution. As recalled by the french web publication Journal de l'Environnement, similar observation had been performed regarding some others viruses, like RSV and H5N1, that respectively lead to measles and avian flu.

As we previously wrote, SARS-COV-2 Coronavirus is rather small (about 150nanometers) and its lifetime in the air can be associated to the presence of environmental nano and microparticles.

Finally, considering an incubation period of 14 days, the Italian society has shown a correlation between particles of a diameter under 10 micrometer and the number of cases of COVID-19.

Although such a study is limited in time and need an in depth look, it is really necessary to question the spreading method of such a mortal virus. Air spreading, indoor or outdoor, is obvious and we must take all the necessary precautions to protects ourselves.